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In early 2008, three members of Winnipeg's veteran funk collective Moses Mayes - Nathan Reimer, Mark Penner and Grant Paley - decided to strike out on their own with a new project. They were interested in the freedom that a trio would provide (no more logistical touring nightmares and a dozen schedules to co-ordinate), but most of all, they were excited to explore other styles of dance music, not just the funk-based ones.

And so, Lebeato was born - and it didn't waste any time in establishing itself as a must-see indie/electro act with an incendiary live show. After a successful western Canadian tour opening for Moses Mayes in the fall of '08, Lebeato found itself sharing the stage with the likes of Beast, Thunderheist and Shout Out Out Out Out in 2009, and Kid Koala and The Slew at the Winnipeg Jazz Festival in 2010.

As busy as the trio was with honing its live show, it was anxious to commit the buzz-building noise it was making to record. Paley left the band in the summer of 2010, but Penner and Reimer continued on and finished what would be Lebeato's debut EP, Mania.

Released on September 14, 2010 via Dublum Records/Sonic Unyon, Mania delivers on the promise of Lebeato's famed live show, serving up a sweat-slicked, dance floor-ready collection of uptempo, house-influenced cuts that expertly blend vintage keyboards and live bass with modern electo stylings. Featuring five white-hot originals and two killer remixes (The Lytics' Checkin On My Pumas and Maiko Watson's Some Kind of Love), Mania is a well-crafted and richly textured electro record that will make you sit up and listen - and command you to dance.

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