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photo by Alison Pattern

T:CHR is a longtime proponent of vintage keys and heavy grooves.

It began with the purchase of his first moog from his piano teacher at age 16 and continued through to his introduction to music that blew his mind and shaped his musical style (several of whom he would have the honour of sharing the stage with- James Brown, Herbie Hancock, Kool & the Gang)

Years of touring and writing with funk/dance fusion band Moses Mayes led to exploring new electronic artists which led to the creation of Lebeato, an indie/electro group started with fellow Dublum artist, Cyclist.

Now a student of all music new and old, T:CHR spends his time writing music for Moses Mayes and Lebeato as well as re-editting anything with a great groove and spinning the best in classic fusion/disco and new electro.

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